131 Days Later (part 18)

We are now entering the penultimate week of shielding. I’m running out of things to say in regards to our experiences without sounding like I’m repeating myself. So this will just be a short blog!

Week 19 begins with almost the same feeling as Week 1, a degree of anxiousness hanging over the people who have shielded and sacrificed four months of their lives completely. Surely it shouldn’t feel like this?

Coming out of shielding won’t feel like a time to celebrate, it will be more of a case of taking baby steps with a certain amount of anxiety.

Everyone is still unsure what will happen when we they come out of shielding. In order to go out again we now have to put our trust in other people and the government who say it is safe to go out. Basically it’s beyond our control, yes WE will be wearing a face mask and WE WILL be social distancing but what about the others around us? They’re almost back to a degree of normality.

There will be people who won’t feel exactly comfortable about joining people in a queue for a supermarket. We don’t even know if there will still be priority shopping. The government have shown complete ignorance and disrespect to the people who have sacrificed the most during this pandemic. They could have helped by introducing a ‘shielding hour’ in supermarkets or helped to identify people who have been shielding with lanyards or badges but I know for a fact they’ve chosen not to invest in doing so.

Also, if we are to have a second wave and restrictions are imposed again, I don’t know how easy it would be for us to go through it all again. Especially during wintertime. Imagine being cooped up indoors 24\7. No thank you. Our mental health certainly couldn’t withstand it.

If you’re able to do so please wear a face covering when you visit enclosed public spaces.‬ Please also maintain a social distance.

‪If not for yourself, for others like Alfie and the people who have shielded.‬

‪Thank you 💙


Are you currently shielding, if so how do you feel about going back into society? Do you feel the government have done enough to make you feel at ease when shielding is paused on 31st July?

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