131 Days Later (part 18)

We are now entering the penultimate week of shielding. I’m running out of things to say in regards to our experiences without sounding like I’m repeating myself. So this will just be a short blog! Week 19 begins with almost the same feeling as Week 1, a degree of anxiousness hanging over the people who […]

131 Days Later (part 17)

How are you? I trust you are well? For those of you who have been homeschooling, I can sense the relief and the feeling of that being weight lifted from your shoulders! We are safe in the knowledge that we can all hand our kids back to the teachers in September! Phew! Aside from trying […]

131 Days Later (part 16)

What we’ve watched during lockdown The last three months have been very challenging in so many ways, aside from watching far too many YouTube channels during the day (not by choice may I add!). One thing we have enjoyed during the evening is switching off when the kids are in bed and getting stuck into […]

131 Days Later (part 15)

On Wednesday we woke up to day 100 of lockdown. Yes you read it right, ONE HUNDRED DAYS! Let’s just say it has been an interesting time! It has been a massive test, a test of our resolve, our resilience, our patience, our relationship, our character, our teaching skills, our parenting skills. I could go […]