84 Days Later (part 3)

Happy Easter peeps! What’s the best way to make Easter easier? Put an “i” where the “t” is! I hope you’re all staying at home getting ready to raid the cupboards and the fridge on this glorious bank holiday weekend. I mean it’s not like you’ve not been doing that for the last 3 weeks is it??? I walked past my fridge last night and I could’ve sworn I heard two onions singing a Bee Gees song. When I opened the door it turned out it was just the Chives talking!

I’m here for 12 weeks, well another 9 in fact, not that I’m counting down!

So in a week that started with Boris Johnson in intensive care and ended with him playing Sudoku and watching Love Actually followed by Withnail and I, here’s what happened in our #SelfIsolation world that we now relate to as Salesways or Alfcatraz! (As you can tell the dark sense of humour is accelerating!).

Hash Monday

The week started off with the delivery of our government food parcel. It’s becoming quite famous on a Duchenne Dad’s group that I’m a part of, as Monday’s are now known as Hash Monday! The parcel is a mix up of Fruit, Veg, Tinned products etc and includes a tin of Corned Beef, Potatoes and Carrots. Perfect ingredients for a bit of Corned Beef Hash. This week I decided to go with the American version and served it with some ‘over easy’ fried eggs (minus the carrots). The problem that arose for myself was the key was missing on the tin. Now I don’t know about you but I never find it easy to open a tin of Corned Beef at the best of times but without a key it’s different gravy. I set about it with the tin opener and you’ll never guess what happened? The tin opener broke! So for the past week I’ve been opening tins of tuna, sweetcorn etc by puncturing around the edges of the tin with the sharp end of the tin opener. Thankfully my cousin, Trish did a bit of shopping for us this morning and got us a new tin opener. I know exactly what you’re thinking, how rock ‘n’ roll is this self isolation malarkey!

Hash Monday!

That was the week that was

This week we’ve set about several tasks around the home to keep us occupied. Cupboards/Drawers cleared out. Clothes sorted. All those extra coat hangers gone. Next on the list was the garage clearance. Before #Coronavirus was upon us, we were at the closing stages of finalising the adaptations for our home. These were due to start in the Spring. For the time being the adaptations are on hold but our existing garage at the rear of the house is to be knocked down and replaced with an extension that will become Alfie’s bedroom and wet room for when he is older and no longer has the same mobility he has now. At the beginning of the adaptation process, I can only describe it as preparation for a horrific car crash. You find yourself going to a showroom looking at height adjustable baths, self cleaning toilets and the rep from the company is asking you questions that you either can’t really answer or just feel sick at the thought of imagining the day you’re aiding Alfie to use the equipment. The garage isn’t used for the car, it’s a storage hub that when you clear it out you just think how the hell did all that fit in there! Skip hired, garage almost cleared and another job almost done!


Thursday’s have now become the day we thank all the UK’s key workers by clapping at our front doors at 8pm, in particular for all the amazing frontline staff of our NHS. As the weather had been nice we decided to do a spot of gardening with Mila-Rose and Alfie. We had some blue and pink stones in the garden so Louise, Mila-Rose and Alfie had done some love hearts in the front garden with the stones so the idea came into my head to make an NHS logo in the middle of them so we could show our appreciation. Here’s the end result…

Mila-Rose and Alfie with their #ClapForTheNHS garden display

Social Media Questions

On Saturday, I did a post requesting for anyone to send any questions in to me that they’d like me to answer. The questions came in thick and fast!!! So here’s the answers!

  1. My nephew Finley asked How many laps of the garden was my 2k walk? The answer to that will be revealed on my next walk as I didn’t count!!
  2. Our good friend, Susan G asked if we were still getting dressed up as she didn’t think we had any slobbing gear! Sorry to disappoint you Susan but it’s t-shirts, joggers and shorts only during self isolation. As for the quality date time, it’s like being on an all inclusive holiday for Louise as it’s a la carte meals all day, everyday! We’re using the evenings to Netflix and chill as when you have 2 children like ours it’s literally that! Sit down and watch a boxset plus we’re experienced social distancers!!!
  3. Another good friend, Paul asked if the beard is past the itchy stage. I think that question was for Louise so I’ll check!!! Seriously though, it’s actually at the stage now where usually I’ve always given in and had a shave. I’ve bought myself some beard oil so if I get to the end of next week I think I’ll surpass the itchy stage. By the way it has many colours but its predominantly salt and pepper or distinguished as I like to call it!!

I’ll leave it at that for this weeks isolation installation. I’ve got 2 Lamb Shanks in the slow cooker that need attending to!

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Eat Chocolate. Be Merry.



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