100 Days Later (part 10)

You may notice that the blog title has changed! 84 Days Later has now become 100 Days Later due to the Government extending shielding until 30th June. A lot of mixed messages again from Boris and co this past week and I feel a lot of the announcements have been to deflect the attention from Dominic Cummings. Let’s give the public something back and put them even more at risk! As of yesterday (1st June) most of the general public returned to a sense of normality after their ‘lockdown’ period. You can now have up to 6 visitors in your garden but if you’re a family of 4 does that mean you can only have 2 visitors? They never really quite explain it in detail do they? The lack of clarity strikes again! What’s also increasingly frustrating is the amount of people that continue to flout the rules, the announcement was made on Thursday 27th May and due to the sunny weather we could hear groups of people happily gathering in other peoples gardens! Hey, I’m all for people having a good time but when you’ve been confined in your own home for 10 weeks you can’t help but feel a bit pissed off! You only had to wait a few days!!!!

Haircut One Hundred

Locks Down Barber Shop

A few ‘firsts’ have happened in the house this past week. Alfie has very thick hair and like mine as a child it doesn’t grow long as such, it just grows thicker and thicker. My nickname for it as a child was ‘Microphone Head’. It was time to call in the Barber. The Barber being me! A quick call to my Dad to borrow his hair clippers and then it was time for action. The Mop Top was about to become a Cropped Top. It took a while to get through the mound of hair on Alfie’s head but as you can see in the pictures above I think I did an alright job! Obviously once Alfie was all neat and tidy he immediately moved onto me having it done! Now I’ve shaved my head twice in the past, the first time was 20 years ago when David Beckham made it look cool (I had a number 1 all over!) and the second time was when I thought having blonde highlights in my hair would really suit me. They didn’t and I subsequently went back to the hairdresser the same day and had it all shaved off! (Thanks to my sister, Janine for reminding me of that one!) Anyway, I had a number 4 all over which then went to a Number 3 the next day as it didn’t look quite right! Now when I was was shaving it, I envisaged mine to look like Alfie’s. A perfect hairline and golden brown hair, unfortunately I had to make do with more grey hair with a slightly receded hairline. More George Clooney these days than David Beckham!


Hello Campers!

Well as we won’t be going on holiday this year, we decided to bring it to our back garden. We had a video chat last week with fellow Duchenne parents, Bernie and Rachel and we got onto the discussion of holidays. They mentioned they had a tent which they hadn’t used for a good few years and we were welcome to borrow it so we could have an adventure. Bernie very kindly drove over on Sunday morning from Blackburn and dropped it off (at a very safe distance). By Sunday afternoon, our tent was all set up and our camping adventure commenced! After the Burgers, Fries, Chicken Kebabs and snacks came lots of bedtime stories followed by going to sleep on the first night with Alfie waking up at 4am saying he was cold! Back inside to the comfort of our own beds! The following evening was much more successful and we managed to sleep through as extra layers and duvets were provided by the camp site!!

Zoom calls

I have found the Zoom calls to be a great stress release and every Wednesday I meet up with my mates and usually we partake in a weekly Facebook quiz. We then have a good catch up and a moan about the previous week! Just to break it up, we decided to follow the lead of Lineker, Shearer and Wright with their Match of the Day Top Ten’s and host a football debate. I compiled a list of ‘Favourite Football Moments’ for them to choose from. We all donned our retro footy shirts and each selected (and discussed) our selections of favourites ie player, goal, match, kit etc. It was so successful that we’ve decided to carry it on this week. The first weeks list was as follows so please feel free to join in by leaving your comments on the blog page or in the comments on the social media page. I know football isn’t everyone’s topic of discussion but you could choose your Top Ten’s in Music, Films, Books etc.

Choose your favourites

Well that’s about it for me this week. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Stay wherever and be whatever you want to be!!!!



84 Days Later (part 9)

A bit late to the party this week, almost as late as Dominic Cummings appearing at a press conference! The sheer arrogance of that man is just unbelievable! Only a short one this week as I’ve not really been ‘in the zone’. So what have we learned this week aside from one rule for one and one for another?


Unfortunately it appears the Government have just put the extremely vulnerable all in the same pot and cast them aside by telling them to just hide away indefinitely. No guidance. No support. No consideration for the people themselves, their families/carers or most importantly, their wellbeing.

They’re quite happy to announce unlimited exercise for the public but as I’ve said previously judging by everyones posts on social media they’ve been doing this since day one! Why didn’t they announce an hours exercise a day for the families who are shielding a child/adult? Let them go for some fresh air without the stress of the possibility of bumping into someone.

The last 9 weeks have really taken its toll both mentally and physically on our family and others we have been in touch with. It’s a complete shambles the way they’ve treated the people in the vulnerable category. Basically the Government have washed their hands of them and are leaving it up to us to make the decision so they don’t cop the blame! It’s a disgrace.

Shops to reopen

To top it all off they announced yesterday (Monday) that some shops are to open from June 1st followed by all non essential shops on June 15th. Is this the place where we are to go and meet up with our families? How is it that we can all mix under one roof in an air conditioned facility circulating god knows how many germs but yet still can’t have our families around to our homes? Totally incompetent!

Mental Health Awareness

Last week I was sent a link by my good friend, Bernie. He’s a fellow ‘Duchenne Dad’ and both he and his wife, Rachel have been very supportive to us since we first met up with them at a Duchenne UK conference last year. The link was to a Mental Health Awareness course that focuses on the importance of Sport and Physical Activity. The programme aims to increase your awareness of mental health and provides you with a toolkit to build resilience, enable and support mental health recovery and tackle stigma and discrimination. I’m almost a quarter of the way through it and it’s been very interesting so far so I’ll be sharing my findings with you all in future blogs.

Walking back to happiness?

As I mentioned in my last blog, Louise spoke to Alfie’s Consultant at Manchester Children’s Hospital in regards to the way forward for us once lockdown ends. She suggested that as long as we followed the strict social distancing guidelines then there would be no reason why we couldn’t go for a short walk. I have to say on doing this the first walk around the block did feel quite strange and I have to admit the anxiety levels were high. Now you wouldn’t think a simple everyday thing would create such stress but for me personally it did. I think more for the reason of making sure Alfie was fully protected and making sure that no one came near him. The not knowing who was round the corner and if they were going to adhere to the social distancing. On one of the short walks last week, I took Alfie out in his wheelchair, a person was approaching us on the pavement and didn’t look like they were going to cross the road. On the opposite side, a family were sat outside on their garden wall! In the end, I had to go into the road to make sure the social distance was adhered! Dilemmas like this make the simplest of things all the more stressful. Thankfully where we live the street isn’t overly busy with cars but I’m not sure if that was just pure ignorance or the fact that the person hasn’t fully got used to the ‘new normal’ yet.

Enjoy the rest of your week and remember…